Story About This Painting

Painting on Silk

Size: 120 x 120cm

“Watermelon” is an abstract batik work that is based on associations with the fruit that we all like and know well. My idea was to create works that will bring up associations by their colour, form, and pattern. In this painting I moved the centre of composition to the corner of the artworks, as to add dynamism and expressiveness. 

This artwork is from my series of abstract-associative paintings “Fruit Mix”, which are intended for decoration of modern spacious interiors. Made using complicated author’s technique of batik and painting. This artwork is painted on the silk cloth with professional German silk paints, batik textile dyes, waxes, etc. (KREUL Javana). The paint is water based, has no smell, and is fade and wash resistant (after fixing). The painted silk cloth is glued to canvas and is designed to be fixed on two metal bars (shipped with artwork), one attached to the top side of the painting, another one to its bottom side for the balance, making it ready to hang, like a gobelin (please see examples of hanging of similar works at “Me at work” section of my page). Signed on the front.


120 x 120 cm
Silk mounted on linen

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