About Victoria

One of the art critics called me “an artist of various textile forms” and I guess it’s true, as I devoted over 30 years to batik (a technique of painting on silk). In addition to creating art, I spent over 30 years teaching at L’viv Academy of Arts (Ukraine), where I teach textile design, composition and history of textile. A direct contact with youth drived me to constantly search for new shapes, characters and topics that are getting reflected in my and my student’s artworks. 

I moved to Canada in 2013, the most welcoming country in the world that allowed me to utilize my knowledge and passions in a new way.
I was born in L’viv, Ukraine in 1956. I remember the day when I first discovered art. I was 16 and my parents said that it's time to choose a career. Art Academy was just down the road and I said "I will be an artist". I never held a brush before than and never painted as a child. To prepare for the entry exams to the Art Academy, I picked up a brush and after the week of paiting, I could no loger imagine my life without it. Despite my parents disapproval of my career choice I stood for my passion and pursued the artistic career. I graduated from L’viv Academy of Arts obtaining specialty of Textile Design. 
My favorite material to work with is silk. Silk allows me express myself with desired speed, while reaching extraordinary effects that are impossible on canvas or paper. I use traditional techniques of cold and hot batik that are mostly popular in Western European countries such as Poland, Germany, Austria and France. In addition to batik artworks (mostly figurative), I would also like to present you some of my latest abstract works that are acrylic on canvas.