Roses (Garden of Eden)

CAD$ 800.00

Story About This Painting

Painting on Silk

Size: 45 x 85 cm

This is one of my batik paintings from my series “Garden of Eden”. The rose is one of my favorite flowers. The flower has a deep symbolic and artistic meaning that developed over centuries, from the ancient Greece, where it was associated with Aphrodite, to the Christian late Roman Empire where the rose became identified with the Virgin Mary and to modern times, when the rose inspired many artists. 

My roses from the Garden of Eden are tenderly golden and are presented on the interesting and complicated background, whereas, the petals are semitransparent like the silk base of the artwork.

This artwork is made with use of complicated author’s technique of batik and painting. This artwork is painted on the natural silk cloth with professional German silk paints, batik textile dyes, waxes, etc. (KREUL Javana). The paint is water based, has no smell, and is fade and wash resistant (after fixing).

Signed on the front.


45 x 85 cm

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