Quiet Night

CAD$ 800.00

Story About This Painting

Painting on Silk

Size: 50 x 70 cm

From time to time I turn to the sacred themes in my art. In particular I like to paint Angels. No one has seen them and no one knows how they look like, nevertheless, many people believe in their existence and even feel their presence. My Angels usually have human features and characters… “Quiet Night” is dedicated to one of the largest religious and cultural celebrations among billions of people around the world –Christmas. Majestic Angel covers and protects with his wings the earth during the time of the great sacrament.

This artwork is made with use of complicated author’s technique of batik and painting (including the technique of contact painting where I used dry leaves, which imprints may be noticed on the Angel’s wings). This artwork is painted on the natural silk cloth with professional German silk paints, batik textile dyes, waxes, etc. (KREUL Javana). The paint is water based, has no smell, and is fade and wash resistant (after fixing).

Signed on the front. 


50 x 70 cm

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