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Painting on Silk

Size: 50 x 90 cm

This painting is from the series “Women's Whims”. The “whims” are often mysterious and unpredictable and sometimes intelligible and rather straight forward. My character is a young, fashionable and self-confident girl that walks her collection of dogs. She, however, seems to be a bit distanced from other characters… maybe they are not dogs at all… but rather symbolise her boyfriends, in her imagination, of different colours, height, and age, who accompany her in her life? Who knows? 

This artwork is made with use of complicated techniques, including cold batik with salts, hot batik, and painting. This artwork is painted on the natural silk cloth with professional German silk paints, batik textile dyes, waxes, etc (KREUL Javana). The paint is water based, has no smell, and is fade and wash resistant (after fixing).

Signed on the front.


50 x 90 cm

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